Our Philosophy 

Our philosophy at Maureen’s Swim Academy is to create safe, independent swimmers! We want to decrease the statistic of accidental drowning deaths in Florida. Parents get the benefit of our history of unmatched experience. Our program focuses on customizing the lesson around each student’s needs and abilities. We accomplish this by our one-on-one private instruction, semi-private, or group lessons (max 3 in a group). Learning to swim should be nurturing, fun and taught in a logical progression.  Our certified instructors are trained to positively guide your children in accomplishing your goal for each child. Water Safety is key and is weaved throughout our swim classes.  

How We Conduct Our Swim Lessons

We are a mobile swim school that teaches in the comfort of your own home or preferred pool. If you are without a pool no problem we will teach you at the closest location we have to you.   Pick a time that is convenient for you that you have available for the entire week.  Otherwise we have a beautiful large saltwater heated pool bordering Oldsmar and Tampa, just off of Hillsborough.  We teach in 5 consecutive days Monday-Friday at the time of your choice for the entire week.  You will decide how many weeks, after discussing with us your goals and needs.  All lessons are 30 mins. in length.  Our time of operation is from 8 am – 8 pm. Now to proceed, get your dates and times you are 100% available and call us (813) 855-0491, we sign everyone up over the phone because we still believe in the personal touch. We take all credit cards.  Remember, swimming is an investment in either yourself or your children.

The Benefits of our Swim Lessons

Swim lessons teach babies and children motor stimulation; without this they can’t learn. Movement and experience helps infants gather information. Sensory information comes from the environment by way of a child’s skin, nose, eyes, ears, taste buds, and nerve receptors.  Once the exploration experiences are repeated, nerve pathways are created and neural memories are established. These neural pathways set down intricate networks that direct a child’s higher level brain development. The more plentiful and diverse the experiences, the more complex patterns for memory,learning and reasoning with be established. (Hannaford 2005 and Lana Whitehead 2010)

Safety + Survival = Security