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Maureen’s Swim Academy is a top-rated, family-owned swim school with 25+ years of teaching experience. Our mission is to educate and encourage water safety. We specialize in teaching consistent private swim lessons including semi-private and groups. We believe in building our student’s trust and ability while teaching in a logical progression. We follow the American Red Cross “Learn to Swim” and “Water Safety” Program. Learning to swim should be a fun experience where children and adults become more confident, independent and safe swimmers. We customize the lessons around each student’s needs and abilities. We strive to prevent drowning, one student at a time!

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2021 Increase in Florida drowning deaths

Drownings Happen In the U.S. Per Day


of all Americans can't swim or have no basic swim skills

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Types of Swim Lessons


Baby Swim Lessons

Our infant swimming classes are available for babies 8 weeks and up in age. Teaching your child to learn how to swim at such a young development stage can have long-lasting positive effects on your child. Learn about the benefits of Baby Swim Lessons

child swim lessons tampa

Child Swim Lessons

We want to decrease the statistic of accidental drowning deaths in Florida. Our program focuses on customizing the lesson around each child’s needs and abilities. We positively guide your children in accomplishing your goal for each child. Water Safety is central to our Child Swim Lessons

adult swim lessons

Adult Swim Lessons

We get 99% of all our adults to learn to swim within the first 5 days (which is as far as their bubbles or breath will allow them to go). It’s not uncommon to have had a traumatic experience in the water but we help conquer their fears and get them swimming. Adult Swim Lessons

😟 Parents: It’s important that you know how to swim so that you can save your children if they fell in!

Private Swim Lessons

We offer Private swimming classes in the Tampa Bay area! Whether you are an infant, beginner, intermediate, or advanced swimmer, our private swim class is the highly recommended choice no matter what the age. Our goal for either yourself/children is for everyone to become safe and comfortable in, on, or around all bodies of water.
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Hire one of our certified lifeguards to ensure water safety at your next pool party or special event. Learn more about our Lifeguard Services


Learning to swim is priceless. Join us in helping save lives.


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