Maureen’s Swim Academy’s mission is to Educate and encourage the knowledge of Swimming, Safety, and Survival in, on and around all bodies of water. We teach in a loving, warm environment to build our student’s trust, and we teach in a logical progression. Learning to swim should be a fun experience where children become more confident, independent, safe swimmers. We strive to prevent drownings one child at a time!

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Maureen’s Swim Academy is a year-round, family operated swim school and has been serving the Tampa Bay area since 2002 and teaching for 25 years total. WE ARE THE #1 RANKED SWIM SCHOOL BY GOOGLE REVIEWS SINCE 2002 IN THE TAMPA BAY AREA.  Maureen believes in teaching people of all ages the importance of water safety education and saving lives through swimming lessons. Her love for children and water fueled her ambition to what is now a full fledged swim school. She follows the American Red Cross “Learn to Swim” program. Through continued education, Maureen travels countrywide to study and compare other swim programs. She regularly attends conferences to stay up-to-date on industry insight. Parents get the benefit of our history of unmatched experience. Maureen’s lessons are taught in a logical progression and are customized to the individual needs and personality of the student. Students have the luxury of learning to swim in the comfort of their own home, community pool, Maureen’s pool, or our other pool locations. Swim lessons are the most valuable, life saving activity a person can learn. Learn more about our swim classes Here!

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Competitor Pricing


Swim School Private 30min Rate Reg. Fee Google Rating
************ $81.10 $55 4.6 (52 reviews)
ISR $66 $105
************ $60 $60 4.7 (13 reviews)
************ $60 5 (1 review)
************ $56 $20
************ $56 $30 3.9 (43 reviews)
************ $55 $40 5 (10 reviews)
************ $55 3 (2 reviews)
Maureen’s Swim Academy $45 $50 4.9 (149 reviews)


*Prices may vary due to Lesson Type, Lesson Frequency, Lesson Location, and Instructor
  • A common response we get when discussing our pricing with a potential client is, “You are way more expensive than other programs”. This is not accurate. We got this reaction enough times that we decided to call our competitors so we can provide our clients with a little context and understanding. 


  • If you compare our private 30 minute pricing with our competitor’s private pricing rate for 30 minutes of individual instruction, we are nowhere near the most expensive. PLEASE SEE TABLE ABOVE. 


  • We call and get pricing from our competitors at the beginning of each new year.  


  • Not only are our rates lower, but we actually structure our program to get the best results and to make the most progress (private, daily lessons). 


  • We have consistently been the top ranked program in the Tampa Bay area for the past 18 years, according to our Google reviews. 


  • We get it. We cannot compete with the pricing of a once a week, 15 minute, large group lesson (sometimes only receiving a couple minutes of actual personalized instruction). However, they cannot compete with our program and our results! 


  • We have been told by our clients that what we taught their child, in 2 days to a week, was far superior to any other program they have put them in. We receive calls from clients regularly who claim they have been doing lessons for 3, 4, sometimes 5 years at other programs and their child is still not swimming independently. That is why we structure our program for results.


  • When learning to swim you can take the long and slow approach where you pay for 1 lesson per week and draw it out for a very long time ( low repetitions/long spans between lessons is a recipe for little to no progression) or you can immerse yourself or your child in learning the skill and commit to consistent lessons and learning in a quicker time frame (student is safer sooner). Therefore, we look like we are more money, but we aren’t in the overall scheme of things.


  • Unfortunately, the low price is enticing and a lot of parents feel they have to try it out. In the long run, you end up spending more for group lessons than you would for consistent private lessons from the beginning. 


  • Also, with a mobile program like ours where we conveniently teach at client’s home pools or community pools, the instructor is sometimes dedicating an 1 ½ of their time to your account (30 minute drive to client, 30 minute lesson, 30 minute drive home or to next lesson).


  • Another common response to our price quote is “that is almost a thousand dollars, you are joking right?” Unfortunately, some clients will spend nearly 6 times more on a TV, a sofa, or on lessons that can be drawn out for 5 years going once a week. On the other hand, they do not seem to think it is a good investment to ensure their child’s safety. 


  • We understand that if it has not affected you personally, and you are not aware of the drowning statistics in states like Florida and California, then your perspective and urgency for your child to be safe around water can sometimes not be a top priority like it should be. 


  • We hear the horror stories of what happens on a regular basis and that is why we dedicate our life to this work. Accidents do happen! Everybody should learn as soon as possible!  Parents if you don’t know how to save someone in your family we need to address that. We teach so many adults and usually always get you swimming in the first or second class as far as your bubbles or breath allow you to go.  


  • Teaching students to swim is not magic.  It is simply teaching proper technique, combined with providing explanations as to why these are the proper techniques, then add consistent practice with repetitions, and VOILA!!! The student is swimming and is water safe!  


What to look for when researching swim schools


  • Instructors training regiment and qualifications – Years mean nothing, substance does. ***Many instructors I (Maureen) have trained, that have had previous experience teaching at other swim schools, cannot believe how thorough our training is. An adult that had 6 years experience with another program said, “Wow, sure wish I learned from you from the start! I really feel like I have ripped off so many families in the past.” 
  • Curriculum – What will the student be learning? Actual swimming or just back floating? We integrate safety along with teaching swimming. This is critical!
  • Length and frequency of lessons – WHAT PROGRESS IS MADE DOING 15 MINUTE LESSONS ONCE A WEEK???
  • How many students per instructor? Large group classes of 4+ students tend to equal only 5 minutes of personal/individualized training time – private lessons will yield greater progress and results
  • Is it an overstimulating, distracting, noisey learning environment?  NOT RIGHT FOR MANY STUDENTS
  • Are there overbearing chemical/chlorine levels and smells? Not healthy for anyone – An instructor mentioned loss of body hair due to high chlorine levels at previous swim school.  
  • Are they a reputable company? Look at their reviews

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Yearly we have different locations throughout Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough. We can also teach in your community pool. Call for location nearest you!
95% of all 4 year old children and older, including adults, can swim as far as their bubbles/breath will allow them in the first 5 days!


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