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What Sets Us Apart

  • We do not force children under the water until we teach them what to do with their mouths, nose, and eyes.
  • Our lessons are structured to get the best results.
  • Consistency is so important when learning a new physical skill and that is why we teach from 3-5 days a week (most swim programs teach 1-2 times per week with very minimal progress).
  • Our Instructors must complete a thorough training program to ensure they are teaching our program taught by Maureen herself.
  • We teach in a loving environment, build our trust with the student, and teach in a logical progression.
  • Our program has a strong emphasis on water safety.
  • We are a mobile swim school and can teach in the comfort of your own home or preferred pool or at our location.
  • We have a heated, enclosed, salt water pool that allows us to teach comfortably year-round with less exposure to harmful chemicals.
  • We specialize in private one-on-one lessons.
  • We teach all ages and skill levels starting at 8 weeks old.

Come to us or we come to you!

We can teach the student in the comfort of your own swimming pool! We teach at client’s home pools and community pools. We have an enclosed, heated, saltwater pool, opened year-round bordering Tampa/Oldsmar. If you do not have your own pool we may have access to a pool closer to you. Please call us because our potential locations are always changing throughout the year.

Quick Notes

  • We teach year round (We have an Enclosed Heated Saltwater pool).
  • Our lessons are 30 minutes in length for all ages and abilities.
  • We teach Private, Semi-private, and Group (3 in a group, industry low group number).
  • We follow the American Red Cross Learn to Swim and Water Safety Program.
  • Majority of our children can’t wait for our swim lesson!
  • Survival Swimming depending on skill level.

Infant/Baby Swim Lessons

Babies between the ages of 8 weeks to 15 months, can learn survival back floating and basic motor skills with our program. Of all preschoolers who drown, 70% are in the care of one or both parents and 75%are missing from sight for five minutes or less. -National Center for Injury Prevention & Control

Children Swim Lessons

Children between the ages of 1.5 years to 13 years, can learn survival back/front floating, basic motor skills, water safety, rolling over, swim-float-swim, and stroke development depending on the duration of lessons with our swim program.

Adult Swim Lessons

Adults between the ages of 13 to 99+, can learn survival back/front floating, basic motor skills, water safety, rolling over, swim-float-swim, and stroke development depending on the duration of lessons with our swim program.

Special Abilities Swim Lessons

We teach children and adults with Autism, Down Syndrome, Asperger’s, ADHD, ADD, Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, Amputee, Paralysis, Severe Arthritis, and Visual and Hearing impairments, Sensory Integration Disorders, and Genetic Disorders! We have taken training courses with USSSA (United States Swim School Association) in their Special Abilities Program.

Lifeguard Services

Hire a Lifeguard to bring Peace of Mind to an event. We can service all your family’s needs!


Are the absolute best way to ever learn a skill which, predominately, all students will excel with this individualized attention. Students receive extra practice and correction, therefore, they learn the skills more proficiently and at a quicker pace. (30 mins.)


Two students are sharing an instructor for a 30 min lesson. Keep in mind your student is no longer receiving full attention or practice time.


3 in a group (industry low) is rarely the best choice for your child. Call us and we will come up with a viable solution for your family’s needs if pricing is a factor. Take into consideration other facilities: the noise factor and the stimulation from other children can be very distracting, along with the overwhelming chlorine smell. Let me ask you, “Is 10 minutes of undivided attention out of a half-hour worth any price”? (Remember, the more in the group, the less time spent on YOUR child!) One last thing to consider is the frequency of lessons during the week. In all honesty, can your child really progress much? In comparison at Maureen’s Swim Academy, 5 days of lessons a week is far superior and helps them learn and retain the information they have learned. What is better having children swimming and being safe in 6-10 weeks or having the lessons prolonged throughout the year?

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Our Policies

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