Learn to Swim!

We Can Teach Any Adult or Child How to Swim – Take the 5 Day Challenge, Have Fun and Survive!

Meet Your Swim Instructor

Hi I’m Megin! I’ve been swimming for 35 years and have a passion for the water. I first taught my own kids to swim, and that gave me the desire to teach others to swim, too! I follow the American Red Cross “Learn to Swim” program and have partnered with Maureen’s Swim Academy because of her amazing swimming programs. I believe in teaching people of all ages the importance of water safety education and saving lives through swimming lessons. I look forward to helping you swim, too!

Our Swim School Location

Naples Swimming Programs

No matter where you are in your swimming journey, we can help you get to the next level with some of our fantastic swim lessons available for Naples, Florida residents.

Baby Swim Lessons

Our new infant swimming classes are available for babies 8 weeks and up in age. Teaching your child to learn how to swim at such a young development stage can have long lasting positive effects on your child. Learn about the benefits of baby swim lessons

Child Swim Lessons

We want to decrease the statistic of accidental drowning deaths in Florida. Our program focuses on customizing the lesson around each child’s needs and abilities. We positively guide your children in accomplishing your goal for each child. Water Safety is key and is weaved throughout our Child Swim Classes.

Adult Swim Lessons

We get 99% of all our Adults to learn to swim within the first 5 days (which is as far as their bubbles or breath will allow them to go). Every adult tells us they are “terrified to learn” yet, we help conquer their fears and get them swimming.

Parents: It’s important that you know how to swim so that you can save your children if they fell in!