Maureen has been amazing in teaching my 2-1/2 year old granddaughter to swim! She felt comfortable with Maureen from the very beginning because Maureen was patient and made it fun for her. She’s a very knowledgeable instructor and her caring attitude shows how much she wants the kids to learn and to be safe. Personally, I do believe it takes more than a few lessons to get them good at swimming and the time & energy you put into your child’s learning will far outweigh anything else you could do for them. The 2nd year my granddaughter remembered the basics well & was able to pick back up from there and continue to learn more and more swimming skills. One of the biggest benefits of Maureen’s teaching is the parent or grandparent also learns how to teach the child so they can practice with them. It’s truly amazing what these little ones can learn with the proper instruction and guidance from someone like Maureen. I owe her a world of gratitude!


Tonight I had a great lesson with Maureen. I started the lesson not being able to breathe properly as I never learned how to swim properly as a child. It was very uncomfortable for me and just was not natural. By the end of the hour, I was amazed as I swam the length of the pool twice! Thanks Maureen and I highly recommend this business.
Bradshaw Family

Bradshaw Family

My daughter started swim lessons on her 3rd birthday with Renee, the owner Maureen’s daughter. Renee comes to our house to offer training 5 days a week for 30-45 min lessons. We are at the beginning of week 4 and I am amazed at how well my daughter is swimming. She can hold her breath under water, float on her back to come up for air, knows how to get to the wall if she falls in, can pull herself out of the pool from the wall (no stairs), she dives down to get rings. All of this in 4 weeks. Parental advice: give it a strong 2 weeks (10 days) of consistent lessons before you give up. My daughter cried about her lessons in the beginning. Renee powered through the “crying” lessons and by the end of 2 weeks my daughter was so excited to see Renee every day. We are going to start our son in a few weeks who will be 22 months at the start time and we are going to continue lessons for our daughter. I cannot say enough good things about this company. Renee is SO GOOD with kids. She talks to them so well and engages them in such a way that is kind but firm when necessary. She is amazing! If Maureen and Renee are training their staff to meet the company standards then I am sure anyone from this swim academy will be exceptional.




When Miss Maureen came to teach our 3 ½ year old son, Cole how to swim, I had secret reservations about what he would be willing and able to do with her.  Before we had the privilege of Miss Maureen’s swim instruction, Cole would only venture into the shallow end of the pool or play on the steps.  Although he loved to play in the water, he was anything but a swimmer! If we held him and walked into the deep end, he would make sure we were holding on tightly… I cannot begin to tell you what a difference we see today!


From the instant Miss Maureen entered the pool with Cole, she established a trusting relationship with him. Her words were positive and encouraging.  She used words and examples that were appropriate for his age level.  In one lesson, Miss Maureen accomplished what we had been trying to do for 3 years.  She made swimming fun and with our son’s reach! And I think Cole felt that right away!  Her repeated “You can do it, Cole” and “Jump for Joys” made Cole feel very capable and secure.  During the 3 weeks of lessons, I watched in awe as Cole progressed EACH day!


I cannot say enough about how pleased we were with Miss Maureen’s instruction and our son’s progress!  Today Cole refers to himself as a “real swimmer”. He is so proud of himself! Now we cannot get him OUT of the pool!  We continue to practice with him, using techniques we watched Miss Maureen use and we know that he will continue to improve.  I am looking forward to this summer by the pool with my “real swimmer”.


We can’t wait to have Miss Maureen back next summer to teach our toddler to swim!  
Conforti family

Conforti Family


I passed along your contact information today to a colleague and it dawned on me that I never contacted you after my son’s lessons.  I just wanted to let you know that Daniel was a fantastic and very patient coach for my son Griffin.  Admittedly I was not sure how the toys he brought to the lesson was going to help in the beginning. But after seeing it all come together in slightly over a weeks time I was very impressed with the methodology and will recommend you highly to anyone who is in need of your service.


It has been a little more than a month and my son is now swimming the length of the pool, remembering his safety instructions, he doesn’t go in with his buddy (me), and has made his mother and I very proud.  Thank you so much for laying the foundation, and please give Daniel a pat on the back for us too.


Thanks again,
  Meier Family

Meier Family

Dear Renee’


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for coming to our home to teach my daughter how to swim.  Before you came, she would not let herself get wet in the pool above the neck.  She refused to even try to go under.  Within a couple of lessons with you, she was jumping in the deep end completely submerged.  This has much to do with your teaching ability which quickly earned my daughter’s respect.  Lillian was eager to learn new swimming techniques and show them off to us after each session.  You were patient yet assertive and always brought out the fun in swimming.  You taught her the importance of safety and she is quick to teach the rest of the family your safety reminders.  She went from fearful to fearless and confident.


My husband and I are very very happy we called you.  We have been passing on your name and number to those we have heard might be interested in lessons.  We have also told Oakcrest Preschool wonderful things about Maureen’s Swim Academy.  This obviously echoed what they had already heard : You are great!


Thank you once again!  We will be calling you to move onto the next level!



Gerber Family

The Gerber Family



Thank you so much for teaching us to swim. We looked forward to our swimming lessons everyday.  You were so kind and patient with us.  You can tell you like kids and are comfortable around them.

Best of all we learned how to swim in no time. You did in one week when other places couldn’t do in months of lessons. Thank you again and we’ll see you next year for refreshers. Good Luck at school and remember do the “dance”.


Love Mimi


Hi Maureen,


We had a wonderful experience with Kelly’s swimming lessons last week.  I would like to compliment Renee. She was very good with Kelly, even when he did not want to do things.  Phil and I were very impressed with her skills in working with children.

Thanks much,




The McHenry family wanted to send you a big “thank-you” your way.  Jaime was awesome, we really loved her. She was great with the kids and so gentle and patient.  I hope she can come back next year for my 2 year old Faith Marie. And lets not forget she taught me to swim in 4 days.


 McHenry Family

McHenry Family

I can’t express how much Maureen’s Swim Academy has meant to our family. Maureen’s kindness, patience, and excitement for teaching was the key to success. My daughter Jewel had great fears of going underwater however we didn’t give up.  By the second week she was amazingly swimming underwater.  We chose to have a 3 weeks of lessons to just fine tune her skills.  Jewel is now swimming like a fish and we can breath easy.  Jewel has a new level of confidence that is even evident to her teachers at school.  We are very grateful for Maureen’s commitment and skills. I highly recommend her to anyone.


With great thanks,

The Shipp Family

The Shipp Family

To Whom it May Concern,


I recently watched Miss Maureen teach my grandson, Cole, how to swim. Cole is 3 ½ years old and was pretty fearful of the water although he wanted to swim very badly.


I watched Miss Maureen on three different occasions with Cole. She was very kind, patient and firm yet gentle in her teaching methods.  As a retired preschool teacher, I found the language and gentle nature of Miss Maureen gave Cole the self-confidence to get in the water and swim.


We can’t keep Cole out of the water anymore. He jumps in, swims underwater, goes down the slide and can do several swimming strokes. He is even trying to “teach” his friends to swim!


I can’t say enough about the way Miss Maureen has successfully taught my grandson to swim.





We cannot thank you enough. Sam did very well on Saturday at the PAL swim meet. He knocked 20 seconds off his time in freestyle and won his heat with 38.9 seconds!! He also cut his time on backstroke in half, to 58.0 seconds! We are very proud of him!!


Sam showed a great improvement after working with you! Thank you so much for working on these issues as well as emphasizing to him the life safety part of swimming. As usual, you did an awesome job with both he and Maggie.


Thanks you again,



Hi I am RD I was a kid who did not leave the steps. Thanks to Maureen’s Swim Academy I can swim like fish or a dolphin. I am so happy. I have learned to swim in just one week. Thank!


During the summer I enrolled my grandchildren for swimming lessons.  In the past I had signed with a different swim school and although it was very pleasant, I could not see any results after a 2+ week period.  This year I enrolled my 2 and 4 year old grandchildren for 2 1/2 weeks of swimming lessons from Maureen.  What a positive experience it was and with major results!!! Maureen evaluated the children and provided swim instruction customized for each individual child’s level and personality traits. She not only addressed the swimming skills they needed but also stressed the water safety component at each and every lesson.  I am happy to say that my 2 year old granddaughter and 4 year old grandson are swimming like fish underwater!  Thank you Maureen and I can’t wait to have you back for next year’s lessons with my grandchildren.

Doreen S