Get Rewarded for Saving Lives: Join Our Team as a Certified Swim Instructor and Receive a $100 Sign-on Bonus!

Are you a student looking for a fulfilling and rewarding job this summer? Do you love working with people of all ages and have a passion for water safety? Look no further than becoming a certified swim instructor with our company.

As a mobile private swim instructor, you’ll enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine while traveling from home to home and pool to pool. You’ll have the opportunity to build your clientele and make your own schedule with weekends off, giving you the flexibility to enjoy your summer.

Not only will you get a consistent change of scenery, but you’ll also be able to listen to your favorite podcasts and playlists while driving between accounts and educating all ages. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re implementing water safety and swimming skills that benefit families and save lives.

We provide thorough training, so no experience is required. As a certified swim instructor, you’ll receive a starting wage of $13-15 per hour, depending on experience. Additionally, we’ll help you find a First Aid/AED/CPR class if you’re not yet certified. All instructors and lifeguards are financially responsible for these certifications.

We’re interested in self-motivated, organized, and reliable individuals who have their own reliable transportation, computer, and cell phone. If you have swim skills or experience with special abilities, that’s a plus. However, our main requirement is that you love to work with young children and clients of all ages and have a passion for water safety.

While we mainly have lifeguarding opportunities on weekends working private parties, we’re currently seeking full-time only mature individuals aged 17 years or older for our mobile private swim instructor positions. You’ll need to have Mon-Fri availability from 8am-8:30pm and pass a background check.

So, if you’re looking for an amazing opportunity that will train you and help you gain independence while doing something you love, send your resume to or call Maureen Boucher at (727)741-3974. Only serious inquiries need apply.

Invest in yourself and become a certified swim instructor with our company today!

Becoming a certified swim instructor with our company means you have the power to make a real difference in your community. By teaching life-saving skills through swimming lessons, you have the opportunity to positively impact the lives of individuals and families, while also promoting a lifelong love of water safety and fitness.

As a certified swim instructor, you’ll not only gain valuable teaching experience, but also develop essential communication, leadership, and organizational skills that will serve you well in any future endeavor. This job provides the chance to find meaning and purpose by helping others and making a tangible impact in their lives.

So, join us in becoming a lifesaver and creating a legacy of safety and fun for generations to come!

Why become a life saver?

  • Drowning is a leading cause of death for children under the age of 14, and many of these drownings occur in residential swimming pools. By teaching swimming lessons and water safety skills, you could potentially save a child’s life.
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 54% of Americans can swim, and even fewer can perform all five basic swimming strokes. By becoming a certified swim instructor, you have the opportunity to promote water safety and help more people learn this essential life skill.
  • Swimming is a low-impact exercise that offers a host of physical and mental health benefits. It can reduce stress, improve cardiovascular health, and even boost brain function. As a swim instructor, you’ll have the chance to share these benefits with others and help them lead healthier, more active lives.
  • Meet Samantha A Real Life Saver

    Samantha had always dreamed of making a difference, but she never thought it was possible. She was working long hours at a boring restaurant job, struggling to make ends meet. Saving up to pay for college and taking a trip with her friends seemed unrealistic. She craved something more fulfilling, in a growing and healthy environment, but didn’t know where to turn.

    One day, on her way home from work, Samantha saw a yard sign for Maureen’s Swim Academy. She was intrigued, but hesitant. Was she really cut out to be a swim instructor? Could she make a difference and still earn enough to support herself?

    Despite her doubts, Samantha decided to take the plunge and apply for the job. To her surprise, Maureen’s team welcomed her with open arms and provided thorough training to ensure she was equipped with all the skills and knowledge she needed to teach swimming lessons and promote water safety.

    As she began teaching kids swimming, Samantha found that the job was even more rewarding and fun than she had imagined. She loved the feeling of helping her students gain confidence and learn valuable life-saving skills. Some of the funniest moments came from teaching the little ones who were just learning how to swim.

    One day, while Samantha was teaching a lesson at a nearby pool, she noticed a child struggling in the water. Without hesitation, she jumped in and pulled the child to safety. It was a heart-stopping moment, but thanks to her training, Samantha knew exactly what to do.

    From that day forward, Samantha’s reputation as a skilled and caring swim instructor spread quickly, and she found herself with more work than she ever imagined. Thanks to her commitment and passion, she was able to pay for half of her semester and even visit Puerto Rico with her friends.

    Looking back on her decision to become a swim instructor, Samantha knew she had made the right choice. Not only was she earning a good income and gaining valuable experience, but she was also making a real difference in the lives of others. As she basked in the Florida sun, Samantha felt grateful to have found her calling and to have become a true life saver.

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