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Here at Maureen’s Swim Academy we still believe in the personal touch, therefore, the quickest way to get all your questions answered, or to sign up, is to call us. We need to hear about your goals and desires, in order to have you the happiest,( well educated about our swim academy), client ever.   Our goal is to respond within 24 hrs. and if not then something is wrong.  So don’t hesitate calling again.  Please be very clear and slow when leaving a phone number.

If by any chance you have to leave a message please leave us Your Name the age of the kids, what can each child do by way of getting their face under the water, where you live, if you have a pool or need one near you.  Leave us your major cross roads, and what time of day or evening up till 8 pm and how soon you are looking to get started.  Please leave your phone number and repeat it slowly a 2nd time.  It is that easy!!!!